6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Aside from clipping coupons and buying on sale,  you can save money when buying groceries with these smart shopping strategies:

1.MAKE A SHOPPING LIST AND STICK TO IT  Write a list of the items you need before heading for the store. And when you’re there, stick to your list!  Avoid putting other things in your cart that catch your eye.

2. BUY ITEMS IN BULK  If your budget allows it, buy in bulk. Sometimes, it’s better to buy the bigger box of detergent powder because it protects you from price increases.  Just don’t use up the entire box in one washing! Don’t go overboard and buy more than what you need. After all, where will you store 36 rolls of toilet paper?

3. AVOID SALE ITEMS  Just because an item is marked down doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. For one, you may be buying something you don’t need. And two, manufacturers or distributors are paying for the premium shelf space, where the sale items are usually placed.

4. CHECK THE ENTIRE SHELF  And speaking of shelves, browse from top to bottom. Items at eye-level cost more than those at the top shelves. Those at the bottom cost less. There is also such a thing as “kid’s eye-level” shelf. Items that have kid appeal are placed within easy reach of children.  To save money, leave the kids at home. Or if you have to take them with you, give them something right up front, such as a small bag of cookies or juice, to keep them happy and prevent them from putting things in your basket.

5.BUY THE STORE BRANDS  Chances are, it’s also made by the same manufacturer that makes the branded product. The packaging is just different.

6. DON’T SHOP ON AN EMPTY STOMACH  Don’t shop when you are hungry. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you’re stomach is growling, you may be tempted to put potato chips and chocolate chip cookies or other items not on your list in your shopping cart.  So always shop with a full stomach!