An Early Christmas for the Kids of Mapedya!

A big thank you to those who responded to my appeal for aginaldos for the children of the Mapedya Elementary School in Nueva Ecijia.

It was an early Christmas for them when TREK (Trails to Empower Kids) and other volunteers brought the gifts gathered from the ninongs and ninangs who made the wishes of the children come true.

Mapedya Kids     Mapedya Kids

I couldn’t make the climb but the day before it, we packed the donations of toys, books, shoes, bags and more.

Mapedya Kids

My little helper made this note for 8-year old Jay-R, whose wish list he tried to fulfill.

Mapedya Kids

Thank you :

Ban Kee Trading for the Mickey Mouse cars and Moxie Dolls

Ban Kee Toys

SM Store for the shoes for the kids and bags and umbrellas for the teachers

SM Store

Lampara Publishing for the books

Mapedya Kids

And Kelly Austria and the rest of TREK for bringing the gifts.

TREK Trails to Empower Kids

Thank you also to Mom Jet Ramos for responding to Absolutely Mommy’s call for ninongs and ninangs!

TREK Trails to Empower Kids

A Merry Christmas to all of you! ♥