Baby Toys You Can Make!

By Cynthia Honorio, mom of three boys and an aspiring preschool teacher

homemade_baby_toysYou don’t need to spend a lot for baby toys. You can give your baby these great toys that are even more special because they are lovingly handmade by you!


Tickling has been identified by developmental psychologists as a social activity, a springboard for infant learning social skills. It is fun for babies to giggle. Tickling can teach babies cause and effect: you tickle her and she finds it pleasurable and giggles. All children love to be tickled.

Make a tickle brush from a strip of paper. Simply fold a sheet of paper in half. Snip about 1-2 inches from one side, roll it, then attach a handle such as a plastic drinking straw.

You can also use large make-up brush.


Rattles are fun because they make soft and loud sounds. The ones you make should be noisy and easy to hold. 

You can make a variety of rattles at home using plastic jars. Just fill a jar with different materials such as rice grains, monggo beans, oatmeal, small pebbles and sand. Make sure the cover is secured with glue or package tape.


Authors of the book ‘Time to Play’ Jane Asher and Dorothy Einon say that providing various forms of visual stimulation will help a new baby focus by learning to follow an object as it moves and where to look to find it again.

You can suspend colorful pictures or shapes of differently colored paper on a crochet thread and hang these in your baby’s line of vision. Make sure the streamer is safely secured so that there is no danger of anything falling on top of baby.

You can also hang colorful ribbons and yarns or  scraps of shiny silk, soft towel or soft cotton on the threat. You can also use small yogurt cups, plastic bottle tops or small plastic balls. 

 (image from pink pistachio)