Because Halloween Comes Only Once a Year

 I wrote this a couple of years ago but I’d still like to share it with you now…because it’s the reason why we go to all the trouble to find that perfect costume for our kids. 


halloween 2014I knew as soon as I let him try on his Superman costume that my then four-year old son would not take it off.  So, with a gentle reminder not to get any food or marker stains on it or rip it  because he would be needing it for his myriad Halloween activities, I let him zoom around the house in his red and blue suit, swirling his cape.

Of course, he loves the cape! What little boy has not donned on a cape, even if it’s just fashioned from a towel, and pretended to be a superhero?  What little girl, for that matter, has not imagined herself to be a fairy princess?

This is what Halloween is about. Not ghouls or witches or death, but  our free-spirited children roaming the streets of our villages or going from store-to-store in the mall, with their  wide smiles breaking out as they see their plastic pumpkin pails  get filled up with toys and candy.

Halloween may be a Western tradition and some may decry the hype and commercialism that surrounds it.  But truth be told, I actually envy my son.  Growing up, I read about pumpkin patches and trick-or-treat but costume parties during Halloween were unheard of during my childhood.  superman_halloween

Now, Halloween is everywhere – from the decors in the malls that seem to rival those of Christmas to the seemingly endless list of parties and trick-or-treat events.  Halloween parties have even become an annual tradition in some schools and offices. As soon as October rolls in, moms and kids crowd the toy stores in search of the perfect Halloween outfit.

Though we’re nowhere near the billions of dollars American consumers are expected to spend on Halloween costumes this year, I know other moms like me do put a lot of careful thought and planning into what our children will wear this year.

You see, it makes us happy to see our children happy. And they are happy when we encourage their imagination and creativity; when we let them play pretend and dress up as their favorite hero or character. What’s more, they also get to eat all the candy they want….at least, for one day in the year.

After all, like Christmas, Halloween comes only once a year.


  • halloween indeed comes only once a year, but an eternity of applause to parents like you who inspires us all to let our children put on their capes anytime and be the heroes that our families can count on to save the day with their fascinating and ever growing imagination and creativity. these heroes NEVER fail to make us smile. keep the capes on and go up, up, and away!