Behind the Catwalk: The Mayoral Kids Fashion Launch

What goes on behind a fashion show when most of the models are 12 years old and below? It’s glamour and style meets whimsy and play. That’s what happened at the launch of the newly-opened store Mayoral in Glorietta 4.

Here’s a quick look behind the scenes.

The Fitting

A week before the show, the kids show up for a quick fitting. Fashion designer and director Gerry Katigbak takes a quick look at each kid, rummages through the rack for the right clothes, and have the young models try them on. After taking each kid’s picture, they’re sent home with a reminder to show up at ten in the morning the following Thursday, the day of the launch.

The Rehearsal

mayoral_rehearsal_fashion show1          mayoral_rehearsal_glorietta3    

Gerry holds a quick rehearsal for about an hour on the morning of the show. He does only one run! “They’re kids,” he says with a smile. “I want them to play, not make it appear like they’re pretending to be grown-up models.”

Getting Ready

mayoral_rehearsal_glorietta4     mayoral_rehearsal_gerry katigbak     mayoral_rehearsal_glorietta5

The girls show up two hours before the curtain opens. It takes longer to do their hair and make-up. The boys take their turn half an hour later. Then, everybody changes into their clothes.


mayoral_fashion_launch_glorietta6          mayoral_kids_jackielou_blanco    

The guests start arriving and the show begins!

Mayoral Inside and Out

And here’s what the store looks like!