Cupcakes, Empathy, and Friendship

It’s true the simplest things make kids happy….or make them upset. My son had a long, sad face when I picked him up from school today. And all because the school ran out of cupcakes! He had been looking forward to buying one this Friday, the only time I give him pocket money.

Ten was more upset about that than losing the election for class president! He told me he even cried.

But it was also heartening to see that his classmates seemed to sense his sadness. As we stood there talking, a classmate tapped him gently on the shoulder to wave goodbye.

Ten also shared that his friends, Isaac and Lucas, tried to comfort him when he cried. Isaac went to tell a teacher while Lucas offered Ten a sip from his juice bottle.

Ten may not  get his cupcake this week…but he got what mattered more ~ empathy, support, and friendship!

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