Going Green with Numa

 By Dhalia Condes, work-at-home mom. She has two kids,  a 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son
Numa Baby Store
Stepping inside this baby store made me wish I had a little baby again. I kept oohing and aahing over the adorable soft toys, suede booties, cloth diapers, and other baby products that are organic and eco-friendly….products that were not around in the market when my two kids were still wee ones.
Stores and products that promote organic and eco-friendly products are becoming popular among new moms aspiring for a green lifestyle.  Numa (“new-ma”) opened a little over a year ago, a result of that aspiration. While pregnant with her son, Numa owner Katherine Ang Tan started looking around for green baby products, which were mostly available only through online stores. And like most moms, she wanted to see the products up close first before making any purchase. Hence, Numa was born.
Helping her run the store are two men – Gerry Sioco, Katherine’s business partner and a young intern, Glenn Lizares. Both are single and yet it was a pleasant surprise to discover that they actually know what they are talking about. They gave me and my sister-in-law the grand tour, pointing out the products, explaining where  they were made from and how they worked.
Numa’s product line ranges from baby clothes made from organic cotton or bamboo fiber, cotton toys, organic toiletries, BPA free bottles, bathing tubs, baby carriers, and diapers. For moms, they have nursing wear, nursing covers and memory keepsake books and frames.
Here are our top picks from Numa:
St Patrick Organics
My kids did get to use St Patrick’s baby clothes but not their organic line. I’ve always loved it for being comfortable and inexpensive. While most of the products Numa carries are sourced from abroad, St. Patrick is the only one locally made.
Charlie Banana
This is among my favorites! The diapers come in many colors and prints, a far cry from the bird’s eye lampin most of us grew up with! While it’s a bit pricey, it’s more economical in the long run compared to disposable diapers. For infants, the most you will need is about 12 diapers and for older babies, Charlie Banana recommends about 8 diapers. Charlie Banana also has a one-size fits all that you can use from birth through the potty training stage. Both plain and printed ones retail for P 1,200.00
Life Factory
These glass bottles come with colorful silicone sleeves to help babies grasp them and prevent breakage.  Needless to say, the bottles are free of BPA and other plastic materials. A 40z bottle sells for P649.99.
Tummy Tub
Numa is the sole distributor of this baby tub. It looks like a bucket but isn’t one. It’s designed to mimic the womb, but at the same time, keep baby in a comfortable sitting position. It’s also designed to prevent your baby from sliding. What’s more, because of its size, you don’t need to use a lot of water. The water also stays warm longer. It sells for P 1450.00.

This portable tot seat is a big help when you’re dining out. There’s no need for you to request for a high chair, which most of the time, has not been cleaned, is sticky with spilled food, and probably crawling with a million germs! It’s not bulky and can fit in your bag! It retails for P1999.75.
Green Toys
The toys are actually made from recycled milk jugs! They’re quite expensive but are 100% kid safe! I liked the fire truck best, which I’m sure most boys will love. Little girls will love the cookware and dining set. The fire truck sells for P1495.00 and the cookware set is P2295.00.
Dandelion Baby Utensils
These utensils are made from corn! They are also quite durable and of course BPA-free. The infant bowl with spoon is P499.75.
Numa is at AEK Building, 40 E.Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City. Their numbers are 732 1522/7321954. Find out more from www.numa.com.ph