Guilt-Free Mom Time!

Is that even possible?

Yep, if you’re not choosy about how much of a ‘me’ time you need.  As a working mom, I’ve learned to squeeze in some precious ‘me’ time during those moments when my kid’s not around or even when he is. Without feeling like I neglected him or abandoned him.

When he was younger, I had to give up weekend dates with friends.  Every time I would schedule something during the weekend, my husband would ask me where I was going. He did not have to say anything to make me feel like I was a bad mom for leaving my son at home.


mom time
From mom time to our time ~ relaxing with a book while my son splashes in the pool

So, I started taking him along.

He’d sit beside me while I’m getting my feet buffed at Nailaholics. He’d go with me inside the fitting room of Forever 21 and help me decide which top I’m going to get.

Best of all, he became my date! During weekends when his dad had work, my son and I would browse at FullyBooked and sit and while away the time at Starbucks. I’d sip my latte while he enjoyed their signature hot chocolate but over ice.

So he won’t get bored accompanying me, I’d make a deal with him.  After letting me get some “me” time, it’ll be his turn next. And usually that means stopping at the toy store or Timezone.

Lately, I’ve turned our “dates” into something more productive. We’d bring his homework and do it while we’re at a cafe or coffee shop. One of our favorite homework hangouts is Peanut Butter and & Co in Katipunan. He likes doing his schoolwork there surrounded by college kids who are also busy typing away on their laptops.

The downside to this though is my already heavy bag gets heavier – with his notebooks and pencils, along with his LeapPad, extra shirts, and his water bottle.

And just over the weekend, I finally managed a date with girlfriends! I met up with old high school friends with my son tagging along. But of course,  I pawned him off to my husband after a few minutes so I could enjoy catching up and chatting with my friends.

I did take my son to the toy store so he could play with the Lego bricks on display afterwards.

Finding some mommy time can be a challenge, but remember, it will also make you a better parent.  When you give yourself a break, you’re also giving your kids one, too.

And here are other ways to find some “mommy time”:

1.       Do some quick stress relief exercises. Or just simply breathe deeply for about ten times.

2.       Create a spa in your home: Use the power of aromatherapy to relax you. Take a long, leisurely bath or a relaxing shower.  Fill your tub with lavender-scented bath bubble and add a few drops of moisturizing oil to nourish your skin.

3.       Cuddle up with a good book: While your kids are taking their afternoon nap, open a book and lose yourself in another world.  Listen to some music. Enjoy a cup of hot tea or iced water with lemon.

4.       Daydream:  It’s a recognized stress-reduction technique.  Thinking of something that makes you feel happy will give you instant relief from stress.

5.       Draw, Paint, Start a Journal: Take your cue from your kids and express yourself with pencils and paint. Working art into your life can help you process your emotions and relieve stress. Keeping a journal or diary will give you the same benefits.

6.       Make a date with yourself: If you can get away for a day, that’s great.  Taking a day off won’t leave your kids scarred for life. Tell your husband you need some mom time. Then pencil it into your schedule and commit to it.

Time away from mommy will help  your kids be more independent. And miss you more! And when they do, they also tend to better appreciate what you do for them. ♥