Hindi Lang Laro ang Laro!

ONE of my favorite childhood memories is spending summer afternoons at my Lola’s backyard, hanging upside down like a trapeze artist from the branch of an aratiles tree. My cousins and I would race each other to the topmost branch, pick the fruit, and munch on it while we swapped stories at least 12 feet off the ground.

hindi lang laro ang laro 1

AT the ripe old age of six, my son hasn’t climbed a tree. He doesn’t know how.  Sadly, there are no trees for him to climb in our neighborhood. Except for the acacia trees at the park, which are quite formidable even for adults to climb.

TO make up for the lack of wide, open spaces he can freely run and roam around in, I bring him to play areas in the mall at least once a week.

kids outdoor play

MOST kids don’t get enough outdoor play. Moms themselves admit their kids don’t get enough playtime. A survey commissioned by Johnson & Johnson revealed, moms of kids aged four to nine often ended up encouraging study time rather than playtime.

BECAUSE of this, the Department of Education is supporting “Di Lang Laro Ang Laro,” a campaign promoting the importance of a one-hour daily active play for kids. DepEd believes, there is much kids can learn outside the classroom.

THIS is the recommendation of the World Health Organization: that children aged 5 to 17 get at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily.  Physical activity should be mostly aerobic, such as jumping and running. It can also be done in short bouts spread throughout the day, such as 2 bouts of 30 minutes each.

UNICEF also supports the campaign. “When you encourage and participate in play, you recognize not only the child’s right to play, but the child’s right to be a child,” shares Maria Mercedes Chavez, UNICEF Early Childhood Care and Development Specialist.  “Enter the child’s world of play. You will be better parents. You will have healthier and smarter children. All of you will have fun!”

kids outdoor play

MOMS are encouraged to support the campaign by sharing their ideas for play and games through social media.  Share your play ideas on http://www.facebook.com/absolutelymommy….Looking forward to reading them!