How to be a Super Mom!

supermomHave you ever tried to do it all? Be your child’s mom, tutor, nanny, cook, driver all-in-one? I’ve tried it for a few weeks one summer, when my son’s nanny went on vacation. I don’t know what I was thinking ~ winging it when I was also working full-time.

I convinced myself that we didn’t need another nanny. My son was already 5  then and only needed minimal supervision. While we used to have two household helpers, I figured all I needed to do was work out a schedule and we’d be fine. I could just leave him with my sister while I was at work.

But what I didn’t realize was that the work was simply too much for one person. I’d wake up at 7 in the morning, after getting in at around midnight , cook breakfast and feed the dog.  Then, I’d give my son breakfast, bathe him, and get his things ready for spending the day at Grandmom’s house with my sister. Next on the list: do the laundry, clean the yard, and then cook lunch. Eat, wash the dishes, get ready for work, drop the little boy off at my parents’, and go to work for 9 hours.

Weekends were spent doing household chores. We skipped the beach the entire summer.

And while we were together most of the time, I ignored my son. I was too busy with chores to find time to read to him.  Whenever I had a break, I’d watch TV instead and would tell him to go play by himself.

This went on for a month. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and neither did my son who had to wait up for me. I had tension headaches and an aching back. It wasn’t also easy for my sister, who was pregnant, confined to the bed, and had another son to take care of.

But despite the weariness, I also felt a deep sense of accomplishment. I knew who I was and all the roles I was playing – mom, wife, and “me’. I felt closer to my son and even my husband, both of whom showed appreciation for what I did. My son would smile and give me a heartfelt thank you whenever I’d hand him something to eat. He’d also hugged me tight and tell me “I love you” before going to bed at night. My husband would offer to take me out to dinner on weekends.

When school started, I realized I had to be practical. I hired a new helper. And thankfully, our nanny came back.  That gave me time to do other things, like writing and waking up later in the mornings.

But until now, I have not relinquished most of the “yaya” duties to the nanny.

I still prefer to see to my son’s needs whenever I’m home. I still prepare his breakfast and baon, bring him to school, help him with his homework, brush his teeth and give him his bath. With someone else to take care of household chores, we get to spend more quality time together. I was finally able to help him build his city set.

Being a super mom doesn’t mean doing everything by myself. It just means giving my son 100% of my attention whenever we’re together. ♥


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  • We are all super moms, I belive! Good job Monica!(:

    • absolutelymommy

      Thanks, Kaity! And I agree!

  • thank you for this. this is something I need to remind myself of. although I work at home, I have a tendency to spend the day in front of the computer, either working or procrastinating, and the kids are my “breaks.” I should really give them more of my time.

    • absolutelymommy

      You’re welcome, Mommy Rina. I know it’s tough lalo na when your kids really try your patience. Despite my good intentions, when my boy is super kulit, sometimes I’d just rather that he leave me alone. 🙂