How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree for Less

I decided to switch to blue and white this Christmas, at least, for our tree.  But after spending half a day bringing out and putting up the décor, my son declared our tree to be “Boring!”.  He wanted the hodgepodge of ornaments we had last year. As a compromise, I offered to buy him his own tiny tree which he can decorate as he pleased.

blue and white christmas tree

It’s also a good thing, I didn’t spend that much for this year’s trimmings.

My total expenses for the tree was roughly around P1,891.00. That’s for 4 spools of ribbon, 4 boxes of ornaments, and one string of led lights. The decors I got from Landmark, the lights from Ace hardware.

blue and white christmas tree and ornaments     blue and white christmas tree

The icicle-like ornaments are actually cellphone charms I got for P10 each last year.

You don’t need to fill your tree with ornaments to make it look festive.  But it’s important to at least have a theme or a color scheme to tie everything together. Like this tree. I wanted mine to look like this, but I couldn’t find the right shade of blue that I wanted.

blue green and pink christmas tree

You can also use silk flowers instead. You can breathe new life to your décor by adding a few new ornaments. Here, I actually reused last year’s tree ornaments to add a bit of color to the basket and wreath.

christmas decor on a budget     christmas decorating on a budget

If you have kids, you can put little cartoon characters. I used character cellphone charms and these little Spongebob things that light up last Christmas.

cartoon character  ornaments

You don’t need to limit yourself to the Home section or hardware stores when looking for décor. I found the snowman and stockings at ToysRus for P50 each.

blue christmas stocking     christmas decor snowman

If you are the crafty type, you can make your own ornaments. You can take your child’s old socks and turn them into pretty knickknacks for your tree.

La Pomme Kids christmas ornaments

Apol Massebieau of La Pomme is teaching kids how to sew ornaments this weekend at the La Pomme Pop-Up Shop. You can read more about it here:

You can pretty do much whatever you want. Just add a dash of creativity and a dollop of fun. Get your kids to help and turn Christmas decorating into a family tradition. ♥



  • cheekeegirl

    Love ko young old socks na ginawang snow man.. Galing! very creative!

    • absolutelymommy

      Aren’t they pretty? Why not drop by the La Pomme Pop Up shop this weekend? The sewing sessions are for free.