Let Your Kids Eat Their Halloween Candy!

Trick-or treat means candies. And lots of them during Halloween.  When my son brings home his loot, we dump them on the table and start sorting. I let him eat the soft candy but commandeer the hard candy. When that is done, I’d give him a few pieces and tell him I’d freeze the rest for later.  Because that’s what we’ve always done, he doesn’t complain. And usually, he’d have forgotten all about it the next day.

halloween candy

So how much candy should kids eat during Halloween?  Some dentists actually favor letting kids gorge on sweets during Halloween instead of giving it to them in portions throughout the week.

Why? Because snacking on candy day after day keeps your child’s teeth constantly exposed to enamel-corroding acid, which then leads to the dreaded cavities. Gobbling up candy in one go is also better because it is more likely to be followed by tooth-brushing. Kids are less likely to brush their teeth after every candy bar.

Did you know that candy isn’t the worst offender? Potato chips and pretzels are worse because these starchy foods cling to your teeth.

That said, parents should still set limits. You don’t want your kid getting a tummy ache from too much candy.  Teach your kids about moderation. And remind them that while it’s okay for them to enjoy candy once a year, they shouldn’t make it a habit.


Make Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow pops

photo from http://tamrynkirby.blogspot.com/

And speaking of candies, here’s a simple treat you and your child can make for classmates or the neighborhood kids. It’s easy to make and inexpensive.

All you need are: marshmallows, chocolate, sprinkles, and lolly sticks. You can buy these from the supermarket or stores that sell baking supplies, such as WonderBake at Fairview Terraces. They have everything you need and the prices are reasonable.  A big bag of marshmallows is a little over P100. They also have mallows with filling. A bag of lollipop sticks is less than P50.

marshmallows   lollipop sticks

Just skewer the marshmallows onto the sticks, dip them into the melted chocolate (of course, you gotta melt the chocolate first), then shower on the sprinkles. Leave them to harden.

Or you can just buy them. We tried the ones at Lovin’ Oven. They’re only P20.00 a stick.

halloween marshmallow pops

photo from http://www.iwashyoudry.com/

For  step-by-step guide on how to make these adorable Halloween themed pops, check out one mom’s blog, iwashyoudry. ♥