Life’s Lessons…Or Karma Part 2?

“How was it?” was the first question I asked my son when I met him at the school gate earlier today.

“I didn’t win,” he replied. He lost the race for class leader by a huge margin, much to my surprise.

Only yesterday, while my husband and I were talking to his teacher, she told us he was extremely friendly and thoughtful of others. I took that as a sign he was well-liked.

I wasn’t really sure holding a class elections in the first grade was such a great idea. I was worried if 5 and 6 year olds were ready to learn about competition and victory, defeat and loss. Of course, I found the idea of making a campaign poster and preparing an election speech cute.

But the little kiddo  handled his disappointment pretty well. Though it broke my heart a bit when he said his “feeling bar” (a term he made up for mood meter) was empty.

We try not to spoil him. But being the only child and the only kid in the house, the world really does revolve around him. And because of this, my husband and I know we need to be a more involved, more hands-on when it comes to teaching our son about life’s ups and downs.

Growing up, my parents didn’t really need to teach me how to deal with disappointment. With four siblings,  I learned about let-downs and unmet expectations.

Being six, he’s also resilient. His mood was quick to improve.

But there’s also a niggling doubt at the back of my mind…could it have been karma?  (If you read my earlier post, you’d know what I am talking about here.)

Yesterday, during our conversation with Mrs. P, she also mentioned that once, when my son misbehaved in class, she warned him, in front of his classmate, that they won’t vote for him if he wasn’t behaving. And since kids are easily swayed, they nodded their agreement. Mrs. P admitted this made him cry.

Poor kid….Don’t worry, son, you can always run again next year.