Meet and Greet Dozens of Cartoon Characters This Summer!

Ordinarily, I hate queues, particularly a long one on a hot summer day. But my son and I fought and jostled our way through the crowd to get up close with Spongebob, Dora, Tom & Jerry, and even Hello Kitty!  Over a dozen cartoon characters from popular children’s tv shows and movies gathered under one roof at the Atrium of the SM City Fairview Annex on Friday afternoon for the launch of the mall’s “SM Cartoonfest”!

toonfest sm city fairview launch

It’s the summer campaign of SM Malls, which kicked off with a parade of mascots onstage.  VIPs from SM and its merchants then took their turn to press the magic button that rained confetti on the crowd and signaled the start of the meet-and-greet.

cartoon characters sm malls

Our first stop, the lively gang of Sesame Street. After getting his photo taken, my son got an Elmo tattoo. He then picked up coloring pages at the Angry Birds and Justice League booths. Then we patiently waited for our turn with Spongebob. But we had to rush after him because he took a break. I can only imagine how stifling it must be under that suit! But Spongebob was nice enough to stop for quick snapshot.

toonfest characters meet and greet sm malls

I got a whopping headache at the end of the day. But what’s taking one tablet of paracetamol compared to seeing my son happy? 🙂 

There will be similar meet-and-greets, art activities, contests, movie screenings, and even a fashion show in other malls.  There’s a minimum purchase required to participate in the events but toys and other character items are sold at a discount. For details, go to