Mom’s Older Age Doesn’t Hurt Kids Later in Life!

daughter_older_momKids born to older moms are not any less healthy than kids whose moms are younger. Results of a new study showed  that people born to women 35 to 44 years old were no less healthy in adulthood than those whose mothers were 25 to 34 when giving birth.  In fact, the study found those born to younger mothers ― ages 20-24 ―were at a greater risk of diseases than those born to women ages 25-34. 

What the research found as the biggest factors linked to the eventual health of children were the mother’s education level and the number of years she lived after giving birth to them.

Researchers say, that while it is still true that higher maternal age brings a greater risk of miscarriage and conditions such Down syndrome, “with respect to adult age, early births appear to be more dangerous for children than late ones.”  

The study, which was published online August 28 in the journal Demography, analyzed information from 18,000 U.S. children and their mothers.

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