Outdoor Art

Kids love the outdoors. They also love to doodle and draw. Why not nurture these two passions by letting them engage in outdoor art?


mom tip crayon creation

Let your child spread his artistic wings by creating a mural-sized artwork. Tape down poster-size sheets of paper (manila paper will do), grab some markers or crayons, and let your child scribble as he pleases. Then, hang his masterpiece!
(idea from Gymboree’s “Toddler Play”)


children drawing tips

It’s one of the first things kids learn to draw: a big happy sun with rays! Ask your child to draw a simple picture of the sun using crayons, markers, or red and yellow paint. Then, turn it into a collage. Spread glue inside the circle and carefully drop beads, pasta shapes, or sequins. To make rays, soak some toothpicks or popsicle sticks in orange or red paint then stick them on!
(idea from “How Children Learn Through Play.”)