Paula Taylor Buttery on being a Mom

paula-taylor-and-baby-photoShe’s part Brit, part Thai, grew up in Australia, and worked in Singapore, Hongkong, and Thailand. She’s done magazine covers, ads and movies. Pretty mom Paula Taylor is now Plains & Prints newest style icon. Paula, who’s a VJ for Channel [V] Thailand, rose to fame after her stint in The Amazing Race Asia 2.

But there’s another role the 29-year old cherishes, that of mom to Lyla Jane, her daughter with shipping heir Edward Buttery.  Balancing the demands of work and family is tough enough for most moms. But Paula also has to shuttle between Singapore, where her husband is based, and Bangkok, where her work schedule remains packed.

“The world is my playground,” she admitted.

When at home, Paula finds time to write. “Writing used to be something I did with a passion.”  Though the days of putting pen to paper are over, she now has her own blog,  “I hope my words can be entertaining, inspiring, sometimes make you laugh and always make you smile.”

As if she doesn’t have enough to do, Paula also manages to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, from scratch!

“(How do I) balance work and motherhood? The age-old question and what all we modern woman strive to achieve. I have no answer except that I’m still trying!” Paula shared.

What does she enjoy best about being a mother?

“Seeing my daughter smile and hearing her laugh,” she said.

Since becoming a mom, Paula has realized one thing. “Nothing else matters. Ha ha… Seriously! Your baby will remind you on a daily basis.”