Pinoys are Eating Less Veggies!

vegetable consumption

It isn’t just kids who are not eating enough vegetables. Adults are also eating less veggies.  In its 2008 food consumption survey, the Food Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) noted that Filipinos are eating less and less vegetables per day in the past three decades. From 145 grams per day of vegetables in 1978, vegetable consumption is down to 110 in 2008. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 400 grams of vegetables and fruits per person per day or about five servings of vegetables and three of fruits.

The survey showed babies 6-11 months old consumed only an average of two grams per day while the one-year olds had eight grams. Teens aged 13-19 consumed 69 grams and adults aged 20-59 consumed 91 grams. Older people even ate less, at 87 grams per day. Even pregnant women are not getting enough vegetables, eating only 91 grams per day.

The survey also revealed the reasons why Filipinos are eating less veggies:  because other family members don’t eat veggies, they like meat and fast food better, they fear pesticide exposure, and are not aware of the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables.

Source: Philippine Information Agency