Road Safety Park for Kids!

“Look left first, then right before crossing the road,” my dad told me when I was kid. I remember him taking my hand as he showed me how to cross the road safely.

It’s a lesson I now also teach my son.

It may seem a simple rule but sadly, not many know how to do it.  Everyday, I see teenagers and adults stepping right onto the road with hardly a glance at oncoming cars.  Worse, they’re even chatting on the phone or texting!

kids road safety

Children need to be taught how to cross the street.  According to Kidsafe NSW, a group advocating child safety in Australia,  many children below the age of 10 years do not have the capability or judgement to handle many pedestrian situations  safely. 

For one, they are smaller and harder for drivers to see. Being kids, they are easily distracted and cannot judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles. And like learning to drive a car, children need to practise and experience to walk in the traffic environment.

Since kids learn better through experience, there’s a new park in Manila where you can teach your children the basics of road safety.  The Children’s Road Safety Park, which was opened by the MMDA today, is  at the corner of Adriatico street and Quirino Avenue, right across Manila Zoo. The park is open to all.

road safety for kids

It has miniature road signs, traffic lights, an underground pedestrian tunnel, and foot bridges.  Kids can also try the miniature cars so they can see what it’s like to drive along Metro Manila’s streets, without, of course, the traffic.

road safety for kids

I think the park is great place for kids to learn about abstract concepts such as road safety and courtesy. 

     road safety for kids

The MMDA says they plan to open similar parks in other areas in the metro.  I hope they do so within the next year.

(images courtesy of MMDA)