Saying Po and Opo and Other Important Values Pinay Moms Want Their Kids to Learn!

Saying po and opo. Being honest. Having a sense of humor. These are some of the values today’s Pinay moms want their children to learn….as shared by the email senders of Absolutely Mommy!  Here are some of the emails sent to me as entries to the “Ako’y Isang Mabuting Filipino” book giveaway!


From Mommy Mira, mom to 3 beautiful girls namely Alvynne (8), Antoinelle (6), and Alodia (8-month):

I wanted my children to be equipped with, I think, 10 most important values:

1. Honesty

2. Respect

3. Gratitude

4. Generosity

5. Uniqueness

6. Forgiveness

7. Humor

8. Positive Attitude

9. Persistence, and

10. Passion. 


From Mommy Grazelle, mom to SchaNelle Eve:

i do believe that putting up a good, well mannered child is a great achievement for a parents.. at an early age of 1 yr. i teach my baby to answer anybody who asks her to answer ” po & opo”.. everytime we goes out or goes home she makes “beso” to her lolo’s and lola’s.. with other old people we get to meet outside we always ask her to “mano” to them.. 🙂 and i also teach her to say sorry whenever she hurts anybody.. and say pls. when she wants something.


From Mommy Camille, mom to Nehemiah Luke, 11 years old, Jeremiah Hanns, 9 years old and Zechariah Paul, 3 years old:

Some values that I believe are important for children (my children especially) to learn:

1.Love for God above all else.  If you honor Him, I believe He will honor you too.
2.  Love for country and the people around them.
3.  Be respectful, and you will also earn people’s respect.
4.  Always be polite and use “the magic words” when you should like please, thank you and, you’re welcome.
5.  Always think before doing something or saying something.  You can apologize for unkind words you’ve said to someone or for something unkind that you did, but you’ve also hurt that person already and sometimes the damage done may take time to heal.
6.  Value your time and other people’s time wisely.  Time lost can never be brought back.
7.  Pray without ceasing to God.  Pray during happy times and not just during sad and trying times and when in need.
8.  Try to  put yourself in other people’s shoes before passing any judgement on anyone or think of how you would feel if you were in their situation.
9.  People will always fail you but God never will.
10.  Do everything in love, as what Jesus demonstrated to us in His Word.


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