Study Finds Co-sleeping May Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Obesity

Here’s another reason for letting your kids climb into bed with you at night. A new study by European researchers have found that children aged 2 to 6 who never slept in their parents’ bed after waking up at night were three times more likely to be overweight than those who got into their parents’ bed every night.

Researchers say,  this is because kids who snuggle up with mom and dad may feel more secure and eat less. In contrast, kids who are not allowed to seek comfort with their parents may feel rejected, and such negative feelings may increase the risk of obesity.

The study, which was presented during the recent European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France, included nearly 500 Danish children aged 2 to 6 who had an increased risk of being overweight because they had a high birth weight, their mothers were overweight before becoming pregnant or their families were poor.