10 Summer Biz Ideas For Kids


Help your kids earn their allowance this summer with these cool business ideas
It’s more than just making money or a little extra cash for summer. Setting up a business will also give your kids something fun and exciting to do. It will also teach them skills they will use throughout life.

Here are 10 easy business ideas your kids can do:

1. Sell homemade food stuff
If your child is a whiz in the kitchen, or if you are, then you could sell baked goods from cupcakes to cookies. Aside from baked stuff, include gourmet food like jams, dips, and sauces. You can also buy food items like chocolates and gummi bears wholesale and repack these in small plastic containers.

2. Get into fashion
If you’re kid is a young fashionista, chances are she’d also know what her girlfriends would like. She could design t-shirts, give new life to old clothes, or turn junk and recycled materials into jewelry and accessories.

3. Be crafty and creative
Make scented candles and sachets, soft toys, photo frames, personalized products. The list is endless.

4. Hold an art show
If your son is a budding Van Gogh, he can hold an art exhibit and sell his own masterpieces.

5. Music lessons
Your teener could offer guitar or other music lessons to kids in the neighborhood for a minimal fee.

6. Party hosting
Who says only adults can host kiddie parties? Tweens and teeners could give party hosting a try. Party guests will likely relate to them better. Aside from hosting, your kid can offer face painting, do magic tricks, or hold a bubble show.

7. Hold a garage sale or ukay-ukay
Get your kids to clean out their closets and yours, too, and make a little money in the process.

8. Go online
Techy kids could start their own web business. They can put up their own websites, sell
stuff on e-bay and other auction sites.

9. Odd jobs service
There’s always stuff that people need to get done but don’t have the time for, the knowledge, or the physical ability to do. If there are seniors in your area, your kid can offer to clear out their garage, mow their lawn, or even run errands at the supermarket.

10. Join the family business
Start teaching your kid the ins and outs of the family business. After all, you hope to have him join you someday. If he’s too young to learn the ropes, he can at least help you file papers and other office work.

Join a Bazaar
Think of a product to sell. Look for suppliers. If you have limited capital, ask if you could borrow items for consignment. Look for a bazaar to join and sign up.