Summer Workshop: Make Toys from Trash!

Meet Earnie Earthsaver and Rea Recycler, the new kids on the block who will help other kids eat veggies, exercise and recycle all afternoons of May 6 to 10 at the ECHO Store Centris Walk.

In the five-day Summer Adventure of Earnie Earthsaver and Rea Recycler, Earnie and Rea will encourage kids to try growing vegetables and eat them too. They will take them outdoors for some active play (less TV and computer games means more energy savings!), and teach them how to turn trash to toys! And they will share with kids simple ideas on how they can care for Mother Earth.

ECHO Store, the one-stop shop for everything you need to eat healthy and live eco-friendly, becomes the perfect venue for this summer adventure! Says Sharon Chua, owner of the ECHO Store Centris Walk, “The Store and the summer camp are for my kids. I want them to grow up healthy in a clean and green environment. I’m encouraging other parents to start their kids young in the healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle through this summer camp.”

Here’s the schedule of the workshop. Call 376-2877 or 376-3302 or 348-8607 and look for Ms. Sharon Chua for more info!
And if you’re interested in signing up your child, just send an email to to get a 10% discount!

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