The Bully Project

It’s every parent’s nightmare to find out their child is being bullied. I cannot imagine the pain a mother must endure to see her child suffering at the hands of other kids. It’s appalling how seemingly innocent young children can be mean.

I think it must also be equally painful for the mother of a bully to know her own child is causing another one pain.

But I do not ever want to find out.

not_in_our_school anti-bullying campaign

It’s comforting to know some schools are now standing up for bullying. The Jesuit Basic Education Commission, which is based in Ateneo, has launched its anti-bullying campaign, “Not in Our School”.

The campaign is encouraging everyone – schools, parents, children, and the community – to stand up against bullying. They can do this by sharing their stories, taking action, and making a pledge:  “I will not be a bully”, “I will help the bullied”, and “I will speak up about bullying”.

the bully project

JBEC also brought in the documentary “ The Bully”, which chronicles various cases of bullying in high schools in some U.S. states. Two of the cases ended in suicide. The film is now being shown at Robinson’s Galleria.  JBEC is also encouraging schools to sponsor block screenings or campus screenings of the film.  The film showing is also part of a worldwide campaign called “The Bully Project”, the goal of which is to have one million kids see the film. So far, less than 250,000 have seen it.

The film has been rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.  You can watch a preview by clicking on this link: .

If you want to support the campaign, go to :

Let us protect our kids.

 “Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not “just messing around” and it is not something we just grow out of. Bullying can cause serious and lasting harm.”  –