The Italian Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop at the SM MOA!

Thanks to Dan Brown, Leonardo da Vinci has become a pop culture phenomenon. He’s no longer just the artist who painted the “Mona Lisa”.  But apart from leaving secret messages in his other masterpiece, “The Last Supper”, I was amazed to discover that Da Vinci was also a genius who thought of and sketched his ideas for dozens of machines now being used today.

SM MOA Da Vinci Workshop

 Da Vinci’s Workshop: An interactive gallery of the works of the Italian genius at the SM MOA

My little six-year-old, however, already knew that.  “It’s the flying machine!” he exclaimed as he rushed to the first of the 60 or so of Da Vinci’s creations brought to life at the Da Vinci’s Workshop Exhibit at the SM Mall of Asia last Sunday.  Ten has read about Da Vinci’s experiments to make machines fly in a children’s book.

Da Vinci Exhibit SM MOA Manila

 Before the Wright brothers invented the airplane, Da Vinci tried to figure out how to make man fly.

The traveling exhibit shows Da Vinci’s designs as executed by artists and experts from Argentina.  These designs were so well ahead of his time and include the first concepts of a bicycle, a military tank, and even a scuba suit!

Da Vinci Workshop Exhibit SM MOA Manila

Da Vinci’s idea of a perfect city

Da Vinci Workshop Exhibit SM MOA Manila

A revolving crane….today’s construction crane

Scuba Suit, Water Skiis

A scuba suit and skis

Aside from giving you a glimpse of Da Vinci’s genius and brilliance, the exhibit is interactive. Kids can touch and play with the life-sized working inventions made of wood, glue and rope!

Da Vinci Exhibit SM MOA Manila

 Challenge yourself to make a self-supporting bridge with just sticks!

Da Vinci's War Machines

War machines.  According to Ten, the one on the left can easily strike down 7 bad piggies!

The Mona Lisa in the Philippines

The Mona Lisa

The Last Supper in the Philippines

Can you crack the hidden codes?

Da Vinci Exhibit Workshop SM MOA Manila

The Vitruvian Man…and the very friendly tour guides

 The workshop will run until October. Admission is only P200.00!