The Quickest Way to Calm a Crying Baby

fussy babyWe moms know it by instinct  but now science confirms, it’s good to carry and hold your baby!

Now you can tell those who advise against rushing to cradle and comfort your crying child that researchers in Japan have found out, it’s actually the most effective way to calm a crying infant.

The study showed babies who were picked up by their moms immediately stopped crying compared with babies whose moms sat in the chair and held them.  As moms stood up and started to walk with their babies cradled in their arms, the babies’ behavior automatically changed! Their rapidly beating heart slowed down, evidence that they were calmer.

The researchers say maternal carrying is a behavior hard-wired into mothers for millions of years. And it’s hard to change that behavior overnight!

The findings were published in the online journal Current Biology.


  • cheekeegirl

    Mother knows best!!