Things Kids Say to Make You Smile

Absolutely Mommy readers share what their kids say to make them smile.


Alexa Jaden Magistrado Cachapero :It makes me really happy to see my kids beaming with smiles as they hurriedly come to meet me everytime I go home from work and whenever I see my 40-month old Ate Jaden being protective of her 22-month old sister Alexa. 🙂

Assenav Esor Oicalap : The things my 7 months and 20 days old baby boy Mico Gabriel do to make me smile: whenever i see his smile, my exhausting body energy is feeling to revive or replenish back; whenever he mumbled the words “ma-ma-ma-ma”, i feel so great and glad!; whenever he is happy, I am happy for him, too; whenever he is laughing so badly and I feel that he is really loved by my partner’s family, I feel so gratified and contented with my life! I really love him so much even though he is born to be unloved by my parents because I got pregnant at an early age. Despite of that, I love him with all my heart and soul, now and forever! Love you my baby! ♥ ^_^

Anna Padilla Cruz Roldan : When they show me that they love each other and not simple as makes me smile

Glaiza Garcia Tominio : I love it when my 1-year-old baby packs away her own toys then smiles back at me after doing it and says, “Ma-ma-ma.” ♥

Edeljvine Alconcel Reniedo-Kutukova : It puts a big smile on my face whenever my 22mons olds baby girl sings & dances in front of me, & even invites me for a dance if she comes across a serious face of mine, saying “Mama, dance!” & giggles.

Lorielyn Pasia Rances : It really makes me happy when my 21mos old baby ghab and me are watching videos together and every time barney sings “I love you, you love me”, he turns in front of me, then hug me and kiss me. Seems like he really knows the meaning of the song. So sweet:)

Malou Custodio Ramirez-Cuevas  :My 22 months old baby boy makes me smile when he always kiss me before we go to bed…and he says “na-nyt” which means “goodnight” for him, it really melts my ♥:)

Joy Grace Aquino-Tangonan  :My Elijah Nathan who will turn one (1) this coming August 10,makes me smile when he say’s “Ma-ma-ah-ma-ma” and do the counting sign on his fingers whenever you told him to do so.I just love everything about my child and all little things he do really makes me smile all the time.

Marie Grace Guzman Serra :  Simple gestures from my 7 month old son make me smile. But my favorite was when I am teaching him to kiss me in my lips when he was 6 month old. I used his favorite mickey mouse stuff toy to demonstrate how. I will say kiss Mickey kiss Mickey then Ill show him how. In just few tries he already knows how. Then he started kissing everyone in the lips including his grandfather who was so shocked and delighted 🙂 And everyone ended up with my son’s saliva all over our lips area 🙂

Reen A. C-Dela Rosa : When my seven month old baby shouts in different tones. when she hugs We so tight. she when she wakes me up in the middle of the night by kissing me on the lips. 😀

Anelyn Bonotan: As a mom of a 2 mos.old baby, the thing that i love the most that made me smile when my son know how to laugh in an early stage..he loves me to talk to him then he gave me a smile and answering me,..ow.,
it’s just a little sound but i made me smile, so cute..

Gina Donayre Camarce :  My 16 months old Maxine makes me really happy when I gave her some food to eat she will share it to her father or anyone that near and she will be the one to put it in the mouth haha. It shows that at an early,she’s so thoughtful and unselfish . and that makes me proud of…

DioSyl EvAn Balbuena Borbon:  My son, Dirk who turned 5months this day makes me smile every time he stared at me. that simple stare made me smile bcoz i know he is recognizing me as is mom. Im a working mom and only bond with him every Sundays. Another reason why that simple stare made me smile bcoz he was confined in the NICU for a month and a half. Im happy bcoz despite of that, he turned to be a healthy boy 🙂

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