Go Green Tip # 1 Make It Fun!

eco mom and kids
My son, Ten, is helping save the polar bears. He’s never seen one but I’m hoping he will one day because he knows he’s doing his part to save them from extinction when he doesn’t leave the water running when washing his hands. It’s not much but a simple action like conserving water, when done by millions, will go a long way towards saving this planet we call Earth.  So, I try to teach him little things he can do to make the world a better place – a little healthier, a little more green.It’s nice to aspire to be green. But we should do more than that. We all should try to live green.Global warming, carbon footprint – big words that we need to take seriously.  After all, we’re feeling the effects of climate change.  Summer’s hotter, the weather’s crazier. Our kids are feeling it, too. Experts are saying,  climate change is one reason why the number of cases of asthma, allergies, and pulmonary diseases are on the rise!Hence, this new category: Eco Mom! Here, I hope to share tips on how you and your kids can be green!

So here goes..Tip #1: MAKE IT FUN!

Get your kids involved by making it fun for them!

Turn them into Planeteers (remember Captain Planet?) and give them the task of defending Planet Earth from eco-villains!

Make them seek out energy wasters like a TV left on when no one is watching.

Get them into the habit of turning the lights off when they leave the room.

Make sure they close doors and windows when the airconditioner is running.

And don’t let them stand and stare at the contents of the refrigerator while they’re deciding what to eat!

Fact: Shut the refrigerator door and save 7% of your fridge energy use! www.homeenergy.org

 (image from: freedigitalphotos.net)