Wanted: Old Toys and Books!

Books, stacking cups, and building blocks.  These are the only toys that a young child needs, a child and family expert once said. Children need the simplest of materials plus their imagination when playing. And play is an important part of childhood. It’s through play that children learn. Unfortunately, not many kids get enough of play, the kind of play that matters.

For one, there is simply not enough space.

The Philippine Toy Librabry hopes to answer this need by putting up play centers in barangays across the country.


“When we were younger, we used to play games and catch fireflies every afternoon,” Philippine Toy Library President Edsel Ramirez shares. “These childhood memories were important as I grew up. Now, I wonder how come our cities didn’tbother to allocate space for play and leisure.”

In February of 2011, Ramirez asked for donations of old toys, children’s books, and building materials through Facebook.  Many answered the call and the first Philippine Toy Library was built.

Officials of Barangay Loyola Heights provided the play area, youth organizations donated their time, and friends cleaned out their closets and donated toys and books.

Now, Ramirez shares, they have received requests from 50 other communities to build toy libraries from Luzon to Mindanao. “There are thousand barangays, day care centers, public elementary schools and religious centers all over the country that we can build toy libraries for the children,” he says. “If communities will gather and synergize their efforts locally, we will perhaps have a happier culture.”

For donations (old toys, children’s books, art materials, shelves, tables, chairs, etc) visit http://philippinetoylibrary.wordpress.com/ for more details. Share their story. Like them at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PhilippineToyLibrary and email them at info@toylibraryph.com.