Why Boredom is Good for Your Kid

Since the weekend, we’ve stayed indoors because of the relentless rain. My son alternates his time between playing his PS3 and LeapPad. Today, after three hours of game time, I told him to switch off his gadgets.

Looking for something else to do, this is what my kid made.

unplugged on rainy day

Unplugged on a Rainy Day

The first two games are mazes. The third one really surprised me.

unplugged on a rainy day 2Mazes 

It was a math puzzle, which my son explained, I had to solve to get to the finish line.

unplugged on a rainy day 3Math Puzzle by a 6 year old

I’m inclined to agree with education and parenting experts that boredom is actually good for kids. Finding themselves with nothing to do lets kids get creative. This is because kids will find ways to occupy themselves.

Since my son is an only child, I try to keep him busy with taekwondo training and other activities during the weekend. But because I don’t allow him to play video games during the school week, most afternoons he keeps himself entertained by reading, making up stories and drawing pictures.  He’s tapping into his imagination and developing his creativity.

And there’s one more benefit of unplugged time, according to researchers.  It improves kids’ ability to focus.

Give your kids time to be bored!

Switch of the TV, iPad, and video games and encourage your kids to get creative and exercise their imagination.

Put together an art box. Fill it with art and craft materials, writing supplies, and other bits and pieces that will keep your kid occupied for hours. You can even decorate the art box together.

Encourage pretend play.  Allot one drawer for costumes and musical instruments. Let your kid play dress-up, build a fort with blankets, and bang on an instrument in a pretend parade.

Provide your child with his special corner for quiet time. It can be his or her bed but give your child his own space where he can be alone with his thoughts. Play some music.